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In Junior High

hi i'm a junior in high school. i have had a pretty messed up life. my parents split up when i was about 3 and my sister 5 went to live with her grand parents(were half sisters) well anyways my mom had it not to good. she left my sister with them and she left my father for good. well throught the years untill i was 13 my mother had many boyfriends and they were all abusive to her. well finally she met a guy that she thought that her would be the right person for her. well i guess she did and me and him didn't get alone with eachother at all . and it coused me going into a foster home untill i was 17 almost tunring 18. well in 2000 my mom tells me that she has hiv-positive almost aids. and that she never told me. and that she had it for almost 9 years. well it was very hard to hear that fom my own mother. well in 2000 december 26th. i got a call from my mom saying that she knows were my father is. but that its not good. she told me it would be hard but that he killed himself and that it was suicide. well ever sence i got the news that my mother has hiv and that my father died. i have had a bad life. and i have learned to deal with alot of things. well i thought that i should share my imfromation with you all. and now i'm doing a report on HIV-Positive.


Sent via email April 25, 2002, Albany, New York, USA

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