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Keep ya heads up high

Im now a 20 yr old gay lad.I was diagnosed hiv+ when i was 16.It was a terrible experience as many of you already know.At the time i didnt know much about hiv and aids so the first thing that i thought was death.By the age of 15 i was selling myself for drugs and the sad thing is that i really dont know who i caught it of.I was in a relasionship whith a guy,we was together 5 yrs.When we first got tested i was pos and he was negative.About 2 yrs later he decided to go for another test and unfortunatly he was positive also.I have been hiv+ for 4 yrs and now realze that it aint just a coffin.There is so much support for all of us.I didnt think i was gona get through it.I got into lots of trouble whith the police,i was sent to prison,i was addicted to heroin for 3 yrs and im still on methadone now.Most of this was because i was so meesed up,i didnt have nowhere to turn,well,that is what i thought.I got my own flat,started going to diffrent hiv drop in centers and got!
in touch whith the terrance higgins trust.Im happier now than i have ever been.Keep ya heads up high.Take care ov ya selves xxxx


Sent via Email Jun 21, 2002, Birmingham, UK.

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