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My first year in College

My first year in college! That's were I ment the person that would change my life! Im 20 years old (not yet tested for HIV) Yet, I have had unprotected sex many times. My boyfriend is 22 and is HIV positive. He was introduced to the HIV virus through a blood transfusion at age 7. My boyfriend and I do not have sexual relationships at all. I was aware of his disease before we became boyfriend/girlfriend. You might ask yourself, "why has her life changed if she doesnt even have HIV?" Well, he changed my life in a significant way. Im not afraid of hugging him, kissing him, or even touching his blood when he has cut him self accidently. Im aware of HIV prevention. Yet, I can only tell you how much I look foward to being with him every single day. I always thank god for blessing me with such a great man. I run with a different crowed;Im aChristian and soon plan to marry that same man I ment in college. We both love each other;but, there's always questions about future plans. Im going to be honest, but Im not afraid of carring the HIV virus. I do understand I am too young to be getting married, but Im not willing to miss the oportunity of being without him despite what the future holds for us. My only advice to everyone out there! DONT MISS OUT ON THE GREAT OPPORTUNITIES GOD HAS GIVEN US.


Sent via email June 28, 2002, Houston, USA

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