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23 and HIV+

It's crazy as I sit here trying to decide what to write I worry that someone will read it and find out that I am HIV+. I feel I should take that chance and tell my story and hopefully someone out there can relate.

I am 23 and HIV+. I have know for almost a year. My story is a little different because when I found out I was three months pregnant. I had went in for my first visit were they do the blood work well I got a call about a week later asking me to come in right away I even joked to my husband well it could be cancer or I probablly have AIDS. Wow what a blow when the doctor told me I was devistated It wasnt just me I had a baby growing inside me. (They tested my husband before we left his came back negative and has for the last year.) Of course the first thing was who did this to me. Well about a month later I found out the man that did this was out doing it to other women. This was not just a one night stand we were a couple I trusted him out of all the men I had been with I never would have though he would have it. But of course I know now you can't tell by looking at someone.

Well im sure you are wondering about the baby I got on meds right away they made me so sick most days I couldnt get out of bed except to throw up I was lossing weight it was awful but on February 14, 2002 I had a baby girl she is five months now and all of her tests have came back negative she has one more if it comes back negative we are in the clear.
My husband worries about me all the time he is so affraid i am going to die I just tell him we all are some day. I am just about as healthy as he is if not more so. I was lucky that I had married a wonderful man.
Please always remember your not dieing your LIVING with HIV.


Sent via email July 22, 2002 from the US.

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