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There is no Shame

Im a 25 year old pre op Transsexual MtF and have been around HIV/AIDS for more than 10 yrs of my life, In my early teens I meet one of the most dynamic people in the world he was a drag queen who taught me how to live how to love and how to survive.

He was also HIV positive at the time only a few months had past when he announced to us his closest friends that he had developed full blowen Aids; it was at this time that I found a new lease for life because of his openess I was fortunate enough to share those final moments of joy that were to become the most important in our lives the memories the lessons that he could share, were so important because even though he knew he was dying, he never lost his dignity, he was always so giving and even to his last breath he never let us loose the plot or break down, always knowing the right thing to say he always showed us that there is no shame to being HIV positive, the only shame he felt is that he would not be able to share further moments with us.

This was to be the most pivitol experience of my life and so I decided to go to University and obtain a Psychology Degree, in the hope that those lessons and the love that he was able to share in the 34 years of his short life, would not be in vain and that I would be able to inturn help Children who have been infected with this most unfortunate and life taking virus, for if it had not been for that person I would not be as particular with sex as I am today, myself not positive, I do feel lucky however to have experienced the pain of loss, the loss of love, and of a friend, but out of all, the loss I gained a mental strength that can surpass any kind of misunderstanding and pre concived ideas that I may be faced with, and thats surely can only be a good thing.

Having someone to love is more important than dwelling on the fact that they could be dying and by just being able to hold their hand and or give them a hugg is just as effective as any therapy, drug or mental, so if you can find the time to give those few simply pleasures then I do belive you know what im saying.....
Stay strong and remember that there is someone in the world that thanks you for living
Dedicated to all those living with HIV/AIDS


Sent via email, August 3, 2002 from New Zealand.

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