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Safe is not only Safest

I do not know where to begin. My parent raised me to be classy and to respect myself. I only slept with one person with whom I was with five years faithfully. I saw all my friends sleep around, get pregnant, and contract every STD possible. Still I never slept with anyone. In fact I often got made fun of and called a prude for it. I did not care. In 2000 I broke up with my long term boyfriend and started dating another man. We were close (or so I thought) and I did not sleep with him until two years down the road. I made sure he got tested before hand and so did I. He told me he was negative to everything and I believed him. We finally slept together after we got engaged. I went for my annual at the gyno. My pap smear came back abnormal. Further tests were done and I had contracted HPV through him. I have had surgery (LEEP) three times. It was so painful and hard, physically and mentally. This was the reason I never slept around. I was confused because we were so careful. It turns out he never got tested and poked holes in all the condoms because he wanted to get me pregnant. It was his way of keeping me. How sweet. I then took an HIV test and it came out positive. We only slept together five times. It really does happen to everyone. I was a straight A student in college and only slept with two people PROTECTED!! Safe is not only safest. Thank you. Please be careful.


Sent via email, August 7, 2002 from Florida, USA.

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