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He Cheated on Her

I am not HIV positive, but my best friend is. I am so sick and tired of everyone believing that they can never "catch" it. So many people have this stereotypical images of an AIDS victim as a junkie, someone who constantly sleeps around, or a homosexual man. The fact of the matter is my best friend has only been with 1 person and she is almost twenty one. She was with her boyfriend since she was 13 and didnot sleep with him until she was almost seventeen. Sadly, she had allegric reaction to all sorts of condoms. They decided since they were both virgins she would get on birth control. They promised to be monogamous. She always did. When she was nineteen she developed cancer and she was so sick. He acted like the perfect boyfriend but in reality he cheated on her with ome of our neighboorhood's nasiest girls who slept with everyone for drugs, money, you name it. He also slept with his brother's girlfriend who gave his brother genital warts. This is while she was to sick to get out of bed. My best friend is beautiful, smart, in college, teaches aerobics, popular, and he did this to her. He still lies to her face saying he was faithful. How stupid is he. She cheated on him with the hospital and in return the hospital gave her HIV, warts, and chlaymadia. I dont think so. She is once again facing death FAST because of his selfish acts. Be careful.


Sent via email August 14, 2002 .

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