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Use Protection

Hello I would like to tell my story because people don't realize how EASY it is to catch HIV and also how many people around you have it and won't tell anyone. These are people that don't have a consciece.

I met this guy 3 years ago and we became very good friends. I have never been the type to want a boyfriend I've always just looked for a friend that we could HmmmHmm Ya know and have a good time basically just friends hangin out. I ended up sleeping with this guy thank God I used protecton well we were Hmmhmm friends for about 1 month and he started getting feelings for me and I new it was time to back off so that it didn't destroy our friendship so thats what I did. Well we remaied friends for the next 2 years and 11 months, well he always used to get sick and he would call me and ask me to bing him something to eat and the kind hearted person I am I did, I asked him why he always got sick and he said he had cancer so I pittied him so much it just tore my heart to see him suffer and knowing there was nothing I could do. My mother called me at home this past Sunday 08-25-02 and said your freind died it's in the paper. This is my first time loosing someone I care about so it hit pretty hard. I didn't know his family so I went to the funeral home that read in the paper and I showed up and immediattly felt cold and empty inside as I walked in the chapel everyone turned to look at me, I kept walking until I seen a farmillar fce and I asked how did he die ( thinking it was cancer ) the man replied he died of AIDS I turned white as a ghost, my hert fell to the floor all I could think is i he wasn't dead I was on my way to kill him for the torture I am going through wondering if I have HIV I decide it was bst if I left because I was fixing to scream in the chapel that he is a no good -------- so I left and I have went to get tested and now I will wait as the time clicks for 2 weeks and I have a little boy that counts on me this has been devasting to me I am afraid to even touch him or let him take a drink out of my cup. If I find out I have it there is no way I can put him at risk anymore I will have to let someone else aise the 1 and only thing I cherish in this world. I will find out on another bad day Sept. 11th what a day. Please always use potection. I hope this story reaches someone.


Sent via email, August 30, 2002.

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