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Don't judge

Hi everyone!
My sister happily found out that she and her husband were going to have a baby last February. We were all so excited and happy for them. At her first prenatal visit she submitted to the ordinary HIV and hepatits blood screenings that most doctors offer.a couple of weeks later she was asked to come into the office to discuss her test he results. This made her very nervous because she was under the impression that they would only contact her if there was something wrong.i went with her for moral support. I told her not to worry,that they had to contact her wether or not the results were positive. When we arrived at the office the nurse wouldn't allow me to go in with her.about 3 minutes later my sister poked her head out of the door and waved me in. She grabbed my arm.Veronica, I'm HIV positive, she said, with tears in her eyes. we both cried on the way home. I told her i was sorry for anything mean i had ever done to her. She said she was sorry too. When we told her husband he went in the bathroom to cry, he blamed himself because he was a past intravenious drug user. My sister and her husband traveled two hours away for all of her following prenatal visits because they wanted a doctor who specialized in the care of pregnant women with HIV. Their largest concern was that the baby would be healthy.

A year and a half has past and the baby is negative. He's very beautiful.my sister and brother-in law sometimes cry because they are afraid they wont live to see him grow up. They have stuck together 100%. Not once have they blamed eachother.they help eachother and worry over oneanother like no other married couple i've ever seen. They're so sweet together and i thank and praise God that my sister has a partner through all this. Her husband has been diagnosed with full blown AIDS although his #'s have been restord to normal ranges with his medicine. My sister is undectable. I hope they live to be old. I hope someday people living with this disease wont be ostricized and rejected. No one deserves an illness like this one. I dont care if your a gay prostitute who injected drugs for ten years.and no one deserves to be treated like some sort of walking plague. Please remember we have all made mistakes and done things that we shouldn't have we all take risks. Dont judge, be kind and compassionate. If you know someone with HIV or AIDS dont be afraid to hug them or kiss the or eat a dinner thy've prepared for you, it means so much. God will bless you for it! love,love,love!


Sent via Email, Oct 16, 2002 from Florida USA.

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