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If you have any doubts

I like to start out by saying I'm not HIV positive but i'm sensitive to people who are living with this disease. Recently I got the scare of my life as a mother, my 24 year old son called me on the phone one day and told me he had been tested for the HIV virus because he was constantly feeling run down and wanted to know what was wrong with him.

A brief history of my son, my son is a paramedic and to my knowledge he hadn't been with a lot of women and he wasn't gay and he had no blood transfusions. When my son told me he tested positive all I could see was sickness, pain and death, I dropped the phone and fainted. My son came over to the house because he lives around the corner from my home and revived me. He then went on to say that he had also been tested for hepititis c and was found to be positive but he tested again and it was negative. So he told me not to be scared because the doctor didn't believe he was positive because in the area where we live, hiv is not prevelant. My son was told to stop all medications for his sinus, allergies, and all weight building drinks that he was taking for 2 weeks and get re-tested. In the interim I researched the internet to inform myself about the actual test that is given and ratio of mis-diagnosis. I also called the hiv counseling hotline. The lady who answered the phone had no bedside manner nor any sympathy for what I was going through, I questioned her about the accuracy of the test, she told me that it was 100 percent accurate and that the fACT IS MY SON HAD HIV. After that unpleasant conversation I went back to researching the internet, to my surprise I found that the test is not always accurate and different things can cause the test to read positive. Some of the things were different medications commonly taken for allergies, other veneral diseases present, certain chemicals founds in drinks to build body mass. This news uplifted me it gave me hope. I also found out that the test my son took was a basic blood test that didn't test specifically for hiv. The test that my son took showed antiboties that could have been from the hiv virus. However, my son has taking 2 more test since that first one. From my understanding there is a specific test thats taken and if its positive the western bloc is administered. The western bloc was taken twice and was negative. I have reinterated to my son that this could have turned out differently and he needs to be responsbile because sex is for the moment life is longevity. I also, found out things about my son that surprised me when I discussed the situation with another son of mine. He informed me that my son while he was going to high school, while me and my husband were working he would bring different girls in my home and have sex with them unprotected. I would have never suspected my son would have been doing things like that, but I guess a mothers love can be blinding. Anyway my son hopefully will remember the depression he experienced for the two months while waiting for what turned out to be a negative result. Also, if you've tested positive re-check with another clinic especially if you have any doubts. In my research I've also found out that their are thousands of people who have been told that they are hiv positive, and for the remarkable reason that haven't gotten sick or its hasn't progressed to Aids, the reason is that their not Hiv in the first place, believe it or not the hiv test has high rates of inaccuracy and for the record, are bodies produce antiboties naturally everyday that the test are sensitive to and reads as hiv. In closing please keep yourself healthy and if you have no one to talk to please email me. Sometimes a kind listening ear is a life line.
Thanks for reading Taaibah



Sent via email Nov 2, 2002, PHILADELPHIA, USA.

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