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Speaker and Motivator

I am a mother of three boys so, you know when I found out my status how frieghten it was for me. I was diagnosed Feb.3,1994 and that seemed like the wrost day of my life. I dated a guy for about 3 months trying to make my ex boyfriend jealous. And in the course of that time I slept with him only once. Two weeks later my body shut down and I ended up in the hospital with the Doctors not being able to tell me what was wrong with me. The only thing they said was "You have come in contact with somone who's HIV+." My immediate thought was "no this can't be true." They also told me within six months I should be able to have an accurate reading. To may surprise my test came back positve. I immediately went into isolation and denial for about five years. After re-evaluating my life I decided that this disease was not going to take me out without a fight. I started reading testemonial stories and looking for a support group to fellowship with. I found a wonder organization that I am now a fond member of and have been for 4 years. Going there and seeing with my own eyes how this disease affect every individual differently, I wanted to do more than just sit in and listen to other stories. I got on the School Board in our district to beome a speaker and motivator. My experience there could not have been anything but my calling. I love doing it and I wouldn't trade it for the world. "Dear virus. I am not a bit mad at you for inviting yourself into my life without a care. You have taught me how to live a healtier life and deal with people as individuals and not as one. Without you my actions would have taken me down a path of disstruction. I've learned how to love and be loved. Everything happens for a reason and nothing happens by accident nor coincidence. I now know that GOD put people in our lives for many different reasons. Why I'm here? I want to believe that it's to educate and inform our youth. If just one person took what I said and applied it to their life then my life here would not be in vain." I wrote that to my other half as part of an excercise we had in group. It was great because that was the first time I stopped to take a look and become one with this virus.

Sent via email, November 12, 2002
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