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Positive Family

I wanted to tell my story to maybe inspire and encourage other people. Here goes! I met the man that I am now married two 2 years ago. We fell in love from day one. Well after about 8 months we decided to move in together. I got pregnant about 2 months after that for the first time. It was great news to us and we were so excited about the new baby. When I was baout 7 months pregnant we decided to take a vacation. We rented a cabin in the mountains and stayed for a week. It was then I started noticing some things changing in my fiance. He was really tired all of the time and losing alot of weight. He had always been outgoing and spirited but this time he just did not have the energy. So when we got back home it was on a sundayand I told him he was going to the doctor on Monday morning. Well when we got up the next morning it had taken a turn for the worse, he was coughing real bad and could barely breathe. I called an ambulance and he was rushed to the emergency room. AT first he was diagnosed with PCP (pnemonia) that aids patients get. On my birthday after 5 days in the hospital he was diagnosed with full blown AIDS. That is when my worries started adding up. I was scared for him because his T-cell count was 15. he was in the ending stages of aids. His doctor had estimated he has probably had it for about 10 years now. I was overwhelmed with concerns for me and my unborn child.Well I had my baby in august and I have been tested through my pregancy and my last test was last week and me and the baby are still neagtive. I decided to marry my now husband in the hospital the day after we found out he had AIDS. No matter what as I have always told him I will stand by him no matter what. He is doing great now. He takes only 6 pills a day. His T-cell count is now 180 and he has gained all of the weight he lost back plus some. We are really happy. I worry all the time what I will do if the time ever comes when he leaves us to go to a better place but I will deal with that when the day comes. I do not dread on what might happen I deal with one day at a time. I hope my story will help others deal with a positive family member or partner. My family is very a understanding and supportive of him and I will continue to strive for his well-being.

Sent via email Nov 20, 2002, Tennessee USA
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