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Hello to all,
My situation is this...I am a hospice aide. For those of you who may not be familiar with Hospice let me give you a short description. Someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and has approx. 6-8 months to live are eligible for Hospice care. We provide RN's,aides to help with bathing,companionship etc.,a chaplain and other services for support. I have numerous friends and some relatives that are gay so please dont think I am non-supportive of this lifestyle. Anyway...my situation is that I am now caring for a 32 year old male with Hiv. He had been living with friends until they decided they didnt want the so-called burdon anymore so he is now confined to a nursing home. His family and friends have basically deserted him. I helped him place a call to his mom the other day and it broke my heart to hear him literally beg for her to please just come and see him. I deal with sad situations every day but this guy still has a positive attitude and hope for life. Are there any support groups,pen-pal sites and such that I could visit to help get him some friends and supporters throughout this lonely time. We are located in Fort Smith Arkansas and so far I have come up empty handed on all the corners that I have turned. The negativity that I have encountered just blows me away some times. If anyone could provide information it would be so deeply appreciated.Thank you for your site.

Hello Teresa,
I have not added your message to the site yet as l have a suggestion.
You have written a strong and moving story and l'm sure people will want to respond after reading it.
It is always my policy to write and ask people if they want their email added to their story, it can of course be removed when you write and tell me.
One guy who put his story on the site has had over one hundred responses over the last year so you may like to do this.
Otherwise, l'm not too familiar with what else is out there.
I'm a bit behind in my research these days.
Let me know and l will add your story either way.
Carolena Helderman
project manager

Yes you may submit my e-mail address.I thank you so much for responding to my letter. Any help would be appreciated. I am at a dead-end street here.There is only minium help that I can provide with out crossing the line with my job. So this is really the only hope I have at this time. If he could at least have some people write him or send him cards that would keep his state of mind strong. They gave him only 8 months to live and it is has been almost 10. His strong will and headstrong attitude are helping him out so much but lack of family support and desertion of friends is wearing him down. I really dont want to see that. I am not saying how much longer he will survive but what time is left for him should be as positive as it can.
Thank you again and I will look forward to all the responses I get.

Sent via email from Fort Smith Arkansas. Nov 26 2002. Email link removed 2009

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