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Beautiful Hispanic Woman

Hello everyone!I would like to tell everyone about my mother, she was a beautiful hispanic woman that had a lot of problems,including drug addiction.She had me a a young age and was not ready for all the responsibility of having a daughter and a husband.Unfortunatly she took the wrong path in life which lead her to her death.We found out she had gotten AIDS in about 1984.I could not believe my ears!I was only about 9 or 10 but i was well aware of what that desease was.I was very upset and thought that she would leave me at such an early age.Even though i was raised by my grandmother i still knew her as my mother and cared for her.My mother died in 1989 due to complications from meningitis.I will never recover from her death,i have dreams where i tell her how much i miss her and how i wish she could be with me.She missed all the important things in my life.If only she had lived a different life----i would not be crying over her death every chance i get.I hope you all realize that your decisions hurt your loved ones the most.My mother loved me, however i still feel that she didnt love me enough to change her ways.I will never forget about her,she will be in my thoughts and in my heart---FOREVER! MOM I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU


~ Sent via email from usa, Jan 9 2003

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