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Be Honest

So I met this boy right...he was so beautiful, so wonderful. We had been dating about a month. All of a sudden he got weird....which I thought was just the whole scared of commitment thing. He got the flu, so I went to the doctor with him and noticed he was reading a POZ magazine. Which freaked me out a bit, this guy is a real tough guy, and the magazine could have something to do w/homosexuality, so I was a bit confused.


Later that night, tried to get busy with the boy, and he was basically telling me that he had something on his mind that i needed to know. But he didn't want to tell me because I might leave him...So it took him a day or two...after me noticing a bottle of trizivir on his shelf...I was convinced. He told me he had something to tell me...i told him that I already knew, so he came out and said it..."I am HIV positive"...I didn't freak out like I had been trained to do....the scariest thing in my whole world was starring me in the face...but I love him...the trust thing was a big issue, but I have been working that out with him. I am still mad he wasn't honest with me in the beginning, but there were reasons...I am negative and we have a healthy sex life and are very very careful. He is my love...he shows no symptoms.


So sex is still there when one is positive and the other is not. Please be honest with each other though...its the biggest thing a person can do.


- Sent via email, Jan 30, 2003

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