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Blood Transfusion

I have AIDS,It wasn't contracted from sexual intercourse,it was actually contracted from a blood transfusion i had when i was Pregnant with my 1st child. I was 7 Months pregnant at the time of infusion,And never thought any of the transfusion.
I lost alot of blood caused from a car accident and had to have a transfusion. I was very happy my baby and myself was ok.How wrong i was. Your children are supposed to be happy and healthy and out live you, My child was born with AIDS and died last april, aged 16

I have days where i feel like i can't go on and the rest of the days are when i wish i had have died instead.I feel like it's my fault that my son died instead of the hospitals,My son had it rough never being able to make any friends, never being able to live a normal healthy life,He would always say to me "why am i different, I hate myself"

I will never get to see Benjamin finish highschool,get married, start a family or see my precious sons face again.I know it's not long before i'm with him and just wanted to share my story with you so i go with a clear heart and soul,
There are alot of people who tend not to consider the consequences of their actions out there,I know my story maybe different to yours but it's still the same killer,

So please please don't shorten your lives by being stupid and uneducated on the risks of Hiv/AIDS, lIFES TO SHORT TO MAKE MISTAKES SO IMPORTANT LIKE THIS!!!!


Sent via email March 7 2003, Sydney.

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