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He was the greatest thing

Hello, I am a Thiriy two year old male and I would like to tell about my father. He was the greatest thing that a boy could want in a father. He taught me how to fish, hunt, playball, every thing that was fun growing up. The only thing that he did not want me to do was be like him. I found out later in life why? He was not very educated. At the age of thirteen his parents took him to California and left him at a gas station. They sent him in for directions and when he came out they were gone. At the age of eighteen he hitchiked back to our town in Ohio to live and that is when he met my mother. They settled down and raised four children, me being the only boy next to the youngest.

After growing up with stern rules and guidelines. I realize why he was tough on me always wanting me to do the best. I joined the U.S. Army, served in the Gulf did 11 and 1/2 years. My father was so proud of me. I had my first son, the first grandson for my father. He was so proud when I called to tell him that he had a grandson. I got out of the service in 99, came home settled down. I only lived down the road from my parents, my father was always coming over to play with my son. I started to notice that my father was always tired and getting sick. Just figured he was starting to get old. I had my second son in 2000, my father was at the hospitol the whole time. He had a smile from ear to ear. He always told me this one would give me a run for my money. My father started to lose alot of weight, always coughing , could not keep anything down. He was a stuborn man. Did not like hospitols or doctors. After about a year of sickness it was found out that he had aids.

With time passing and him not wanting to get help from the doctors, it was to late for any medical help. The virus had spread to his body, anti-biotics could not help. What shocked me most was when my father was told what he had, he asked how he could have gotten aids? We later found out that he had had a relationship with a women about ten to twelve years ago. He still could not vomprehend how he got aids just by slleping with a women. I lived in fear of losing my father and now my mother as well. Thank god to date my mother has tested negitive for HIV/Aids. God must be watching over some of us.I lost my father in 2001, he made it to his 53 birthday and passed away 30 days later. Before he passed away he told me he was sorry and that he was so proud of me.

The only thing he said that he regrets is that my new son would not remember him when he was gone. Well he does and he is giving me a run for my money. I sit and think about my father all the time. It hurts so bad, when I am wallking or playing with my sons just knowing that he is gone. I go and visit his grave when ever I get the time. I had him buried next to his mother, thats what he always told me where he wanted to be laid to rest. I think it is ironic that the people who left him alone by himself at such a young age would be the ones whom he wanted to be laided to rest next to. I think that if my father had been givin a good education and love from his family growing up he would have known the risk and would have been properly educated about aids. I found out late in my teens that my father could not write or spell. He was signing for my license and asked me if he spelled father correctly. As I looked down he had spelled feather, I just told him it was ok dad. I tallk about my father all the time. look up in the sky and wonder if he is watching. I know he is, I guess I just miss him.
It a great thing to talk about your trials in life, some people will learn just from reading about others losses. Maybe they will make changes in themselves or someone elses life.
Thanks for listening.


Sent via email - March 10, 2003. Ohio, USA.

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