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I stumbled across this site last night whilst trying to discover the risks associated of entering into a lesbian relationship with someone who is HIV+, a site which almost broke my heart and made me realise about more alot of the improtant things in life. I for one myself have never hade a problem with homosexuality or anyone who is HIV+ but recently after learning what my friend is going through made me realise that this world is horribly infomred and lacking of support!
I just discovered that the girl who I have had my eyes on for months now is HIV+, as we have always been only friends, and will be for a long time to come, it doesn't bother me! What bothers me is the reaction to her 'so called friends' that she going through, she has been accused of volunteeringly sleeping with people with out telling them that she is HIV+ and through this her story has spread fast and wide across the lesbian community of Victoria, a fact that breaks my heart and certainly not out of pity!

I really thought that the days of prejudice were over and that as a comunnity as a whole we were over the out 'worries and fear's' as far as HIV and Aids were concerned! Obviously I wrong.

I just want to say that if you are a friend of or a partner of someone who discovers they are HIV+ please don't turn your back on them, life deals us out own issues of shit on a regular enough basis without us handing it back to other people. By now we all know the risks and safety issues concerning HIV and we should be able to take matters in our own hands. Pleaswe don't make our HIV+ friends feel like they are dieing, lets make them enjoy 'living with HIV' and not take their spirit away from them!
I guess the main point that I want to get across is please don't let the news of HIV change the way you feel towards your loved ones or friends, we wouldn't do it if we discovered they had cancer, so why in this day and age should HIv be any different??


- Sent via Email March, 2003. Victoria, Australia.

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