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Should l tell them?

Hello my name is Ted, and I am from Austin, Texas. This past Feb 14, 2003 I have been positive for 1 year. It has been a very diffecult year, but I have gotten by and made it through my first year of HIV. I have been on meds since the begining, my viraload was over 13,000 and my cd4 count was like 396. We I am dwn to no dectectable and only up to 450. I have been on sustiva and combivir. Thanks to GOD the meds have not given my bad side effects but yes I do feel differnt being on the meds but hey they are helping live.

I have only been able to tell a few close friends within the past year, and just recently las November I told my brother in the hospital when I developed celluitous, he at the same time outted himself as being gay. We shared a tear I told him I was okay and that the meds were helping me to live but I would be on the meds for the rest of my life. I guess what I am getting at is that how do I tell my parents and the rest of my brothers and sister that I am HIV positive. I come from a hispanic strong catholic back ground family. My parents are very heavily involed in the church, but we as family have never been such a close family, we have never been a family that expressed ones feelings. When I first came out to my parents being gay they took it very hard and very unsupported. Mom and Dad are not very educated and closed minded. Up until 3 years ago they finally expected my being gay lover after meeting him, but it took them about 6 years to accept it, now he is no longer my lover and have been single since then. It has been bothering me that I have not told my parents my sitution and feel that it would be a great weight off my should if I tell them.

I wish I could someones opinion wheather they have gone through the same things or if I could get another gay hispanic who is catholic to see if they have gone through the same thing that I am going through. Any response would be greatly appreiciated. Thank you to you. Wishing you the best...


Sent Via Email -March 24 2003. Austin Texas, USA.

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