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Another chance

It was about one year ago 2002 when I meet this guy I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I meet him with a couple of my friends. He was eight years older than me and very attrative. He seemed so nice, we got along so good. The only bad thing about him is that he has been in and out of jail for things he did when he was younger but he was on parole. Well everything was going really well for the both of us until the cops came to his house and arrested him. I was so upset crying that day because I really feel in love with this kid. Well he got his one phone call and he called me and gave me a list of numbers to call for him to see why this time they arrested him. I was at work later that day and I started to call one of the numbers he gave me and it was his parole offficer. He said to me Vanessa I am so glad that you called me I have been wanting to talk to you he said I don't know if you are aware that Todd is HIV positive, I got so upser when he said that I didn't even think that it was possible. Todd seemed so normal and full of energy that I would of never expected him to have HIV. The parole officer advised me to go and get tested as soon as possible. So I went to go and get tested, and my first test came back negitive. But, you have to get tested for six months for it to be one hundred percent correct well it has been over six months now and all of my tests came back normal. I just want to thank God for giving me another chance. Todd is still in jail and if I testfied that he didn't tell me he was HIV positive than he would probaly be in there for the rest of his life but I am just happy that I didn't catch anything and I am safe. It just goes to show even if a guy seems to be really nice you should always take procautions.


Sent via Email - March 27 2003. Johnston, USA.

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