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About two years ago I met my soulmate. Within a month we were totally in love and in July of 02 we got married. Life was better than I could have imagined until my husband started getting sick about 3 monthes into the marriage. He went to Dr after Dr only to be dimissed as anemia and a sinius infection, until Dec he passed alot of blood he spent 2 weeks in ICU in our town. His body was fading before my eyes but the Drs couldnt find anything wrong and sent him home with an appointment to see a cancer Dr. The test came back neg but by then he couldnt walk an his heart was severly enlarged, they finally sent him to a larger hospital where he was diagnosed with full blown AIDS, he had the virus about 10 yrs. His count was only 9 by then and after only to weeks of being diagnosed I lost him. I to now live my life HIV positive and a widow at 24 only becaue a simple blood test was not done. My son 4 tested positive and I pray I live to see him grow old. HIV is vey treatable when it is diagnosed. Please remind everyone of the importance of getting tested!!


Sent via Email - March 31, 2003. West Virginia, USA.

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