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My memory back

It has been so long that my memory back to hound me.
The sad ending of our relationship.
The goodbye I never say.
The everlasting love which never there.
Now it has been more than 16 years past.
I keep on living and wonder, why you but not me?
The sad memory back when our friend asked how you die.
To tell the true what happened to you made him cried.
Now he knew that AIDS not cancer.
No, I am not afraid to say that dreadful word.
As my wild mind overcast me and made me more depress.
I wish that now the time to depart as I felt it has been to long for me to experience this.
Well I am bless with my current companion.
But my mind is running wild and the dark cloud is so real.
I try to shake it and wipe it and wish to go away.
Well tommorrow maybe I can only hope

Sent via Email - June 9 2003, Australia
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