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Be sure to stay protected

I want to share my story. I am a 41+ year old female who was married for 20 years and recently divorced have 4 wonderful children and am now in a great relationship. My situation is as follows: after my divorce I was lonely so I met someone who was wonderful, whom did not tell me at first his situation. We had unprotected sex, although he ejaculated outside, I found out the hard way. We moved in together after 1 year and in living together he went to work one day and I pulled all his medications and did some research on the internet. I found out that he was taking meds for HIV/AIDS. I was furious. I comfronted him when he came home and all he could do was cry. I have never seen a grown man cry. He told me his story- he married his first wife after taking her from the streets (heavy on drugs) and trying to clean her up. They were married 1988 and had one son 1989. She became very sick and the doctors gave them the bad news, she had AIDS. She had infected her son also. He was devasted and was also tested to show HIV+. She refused meds and died in 1990. He is living with HIV+ and has been since. I have only one person close to me that knows his story. I refuse to tell anyone of this and I know I should. I need someone to talk to. My family is so critical. They will not understand. Anyhow, I have since been tested and it is negative. I will continue to be tested because of the possible sleeping period like they call it. We have been using protection now and as you know I forgave him and we have grown stronger together. We have been together for 3 years and plan on getting married. Due to his situation he does have a very bad heart. He needs a transplant and that is where we are now. We have gone to several doctors and will be put on a transplant list soon. I want to say finally that live is too short. Live, Love and laugh everyday for that may be your last. We all have a death sentence and we have no control over that. Be sure to always stay protected. Thank you for your time and God Bless.

Sent via Email - June 18 2003, Florida, USA
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