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To my fellow brothers and sisters who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. I want to share my story. I found out in November 1998 that I was HIV positive. I am 28 years old today. Before I found out I was positive, I was in school working on my Bachelors and Masters in Accounting. I had an excellent job at a major bank. I had a good salary and a nice lifestyle. I was from a very close family. It was January of 2003 that I finally sat my mother and brothers down and told them that the doctors have told me I had a t-cell count of 14 and going to die. I lived in a dark closet for a long time. I was too afraid to tell my family. I regret that I didn't tell them earlier because they have been such strong support since they found out. Today I am the Vice President of a HIV/AIDS support group ministry. To be honest this ministry is where my strength came from to come out and get active. I hid my secret for the longest. I got tired of dealing with this issue by myself. I didn't tell a soul until this year about my diagnosis. I encourage anyone living in shame or secret to come out and seek support from family, a trust worth friend, or a strong HIV/AIDS support group. My entire life has changed. Even with a very low t-cell count, I still go day to day striving to make a difference in this fight. It's in my heart to help those individuals who are dealing with HIV/AIDS and be a great support. I'm currently active not only as Vice President of a strong spiritual HIV/AIDS support group ministry but I am also active in the HIV/AIDS community in my city. DON'T LET YOUR DIAGNOSIS BE A DEATH SENTENCE. It's not the end of the world. If you don't have a shoulder to lean on, you're more than welcome to lean on mines. I love God and I love people. I'll be there when no one else will. I've learned to reach back and pull someone out of the same darkness I once faced. I pray for each and every person that comes in contact with this website. I LOVE YOU ALL. And remember, WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER.

S.M. Robinson,Vice President/Community Outreach Director
Compassionate Brothers Ministry - Houston, Texas

Sent via Email - Jun 30,2003, TEXAS , USA

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