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My Uncle

hi, well i am doing this for my uncle that not too long ago was told that he has AIDS. Before all this i was being a rebellious teen just like any other and one night he tried talking to me and i ignored him completely and made him feel really bad. After that i left to go to another country and when i was there they told me that he was in the hospital and may not see another day. I felt so bad because of the way i had acted. Then after all that my mom told me wjy he was in the hospital and what he had. She also told me the story. . . it all started when he was young and fell in love with this girl, she eventually left him. HE had a broken heart and didn't want to love anyone. He slept with one girl, that had the desease, and eventually married a lady without love. They have four children together and when she found out that he had AIDS she left him and took the kids. She never really loved him but he loved her with the years that had passed. Being away from his kids made him really depressed but now he gets to see them. The thing is that the ex wife only lets him see them only when its to her convinience. He is really young and a wonderfull person. I only want him to have a second chance in love only with that its complicated being in his situation. I was thinking that maybe he could join a support group and just maybe he can find love there with someone that has the same as he. Please send me info. about the support groups he can join in the houston area. i would really would want him to get a second chance. Thank you for your time.


Sent via email - Houston, USA August 7, 2003.

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