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Positive 17 years - no treatment

Hi to every one. i am a straight 42 year old female that has been HIV Positive for 17 years and on no treatment. Yes you did read right. Unless you count chocolate as the cure which I do and swear by. May be as I live in sunny Perth Australia it may help where the life style is very lay back.It doesn't matter how I got it as it starts the innocent v's guilty and it is no kinder a virus how ever you got it.
From the begining I became an activist and did public speaking to many local groups and schools. I also started a group for Positive Women and a drop in centre for people with HIV/AIDS.
For the women I have often been the first other woman they have spoken to and if I can give hope then it makes it worth quile.
For me it has been better to be open about the virus and not to feel you have to keep this dirty secret. It is to hard to live the double life. Not good for the stress levels either.
I am still involved but not as much as I used to be as I feel I have done my bit. I was lucky enough to go to the US and be in San Fran at the Quilt Project it was very moving. We do have a quilt here in OZ but not as big as in the US.
I would love to here or be there for any one that needs help.


Sent via Email - August 25, 2003. Perth Australia.

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