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HIV Positive, all by myself

I'm a 25 year old female, and a mother of one child. In august of 2003 I found out i was expecting a next baby, I did every thing a new mother would do. Do all her test and my HIV test came back positive i didn't know what to do,I went home and cry and pray it was a mistake so the next day i went somewhere else to take the test ,I told the guy i was going out with and like they all say it's not me.Before this test I had one in January and one in May and they where negetive . I start talking to this guy in April. I was test any way i waited on the next test to come back and yes the next one came back positive,I didn't see the guy back up to this day we had a very good thing going before all of this. Any way I keep calling and calling and he never answer the phone i having one child and expecting a next one, I never know what to do.Not getting any support from this guy so i decieded to do a abortion. So I can go on and take care of my self i did the abortion one week now and still cannot get this guy .I do not have a strong family that is going to stand beside me so i didn't tell any one of them i just have to deal with it by my self and take care of my son. I'm going to the doctor next week to start my tretment I have to take care of myself and have to deal with been HIV positive all by myself.

Sent via Email - New York, USA Sepember 1, 2003
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