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My advice to teens

Hi, I am a 16-year old female who had met a dude I enjoyed being around and became sexually active with, so despite his criminal drug and pimp records I grew to know within a few weeks, I continued to be with him and even ran away with him when my parents found out I was seeing him and grounded me. I almost don't know why now, because I don't know (even thought I thought so then) if it was really all worth the hassle. One month of cruising with him and suddenly the cops have made marks on my license, I have been tested for STDs, pregnancy, and worst of all, HIV. I am still awaiting my results. Even though I had protected vaginal and anal sex all the time with him, I had unprotected oral due to the pressure of "how a condom didn't feel right during the process of oral". Now I am extremely mad at myself as I wait, because it's finally hit me...this dude has slept with over 150 "people" and shoots drugs and consumes pills...he could most definitely have HIV or AIDS. He never questioned my sexual history or why he was big on condoms with MOST of his females, so I have every right to take that into consideration. He is 26 with 15-36 year olds (heard from girl I had talked to when I ran away)...and I guess you could say I was sleeping with everyone he had been sleeping with his entire life, the same thing almost!!! Even if the first results are negative, the "window of opportunity" takes this into November or December before antibodies may even show up. I have known about HIV/AIDS since I was 6 and my uncle was diagnosed. My mother had to tell me so I wouldn't think it was highly contagious. She told me it was spread by "open wound blood or sex contact, and that I wouldn't catch it from him coughing, hugging, or sitting next to me". I had seen my uncle disintigrate, I just never thought I'd be anticipating HIV results as a truely huge concern for myself. MY ADVICE TO TEENS: What they call Love(or infatuation) at First Site can wait a few weeks while you take your "love" to a second site(std testing) where you can be sure they really are what you want to be loving at first site.

Sent via Email - Buffalo NY, USA September 7, 2003

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