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Life is too short

A.I.D.S its a word that sends everyones mind into shock!
my name is sabrina and although i am not hiv/aids positive i have seen first hand the effect it has on someones life.just last week i unfortantly had to lose my mom to this desease that is so unnecessary.you can never put to words how you would feel having to watch a loved one die so slowly and painfully! in my moms ending days she argued that we not put her on life support it was the toughest thing ive had to face being a 17 year old who still yearns to please her mother.although my mom suffered so intensely she was in all the bravest and strongest person i know.So many people decide that they want to take the easy way out by threatning to commit suicide,and just giving up life but having this virus does not garuntee your death.its nothing new to know that your going to die,we all will eventually.but giving up on your self is not the answer!till the day my mom died she made sure that i saw her smile at least once during my many hospital visits.The point im trying to make to anyone who is willing to listen is that life is too short as it is to try and take it into your own hands.you dont in the end decide when you leave this earth its up to GOD!!!!! being that he gave his life for you on that cross should be the main thing that makes you want to wake up in the morning!!Noones life is easy,but everyones life is worth living i guess you could say since it is what you make it!!!
someone that cares,god bless you!!! - sabrina

Sent via Email - las vegas, nevada, USA .September 24, 2003

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