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My moms secret

okay heres my story. the month before i was born my biological sperm of a father decided to skip town and fly into the virgin islands in the caribbean sea. yes, he and my mom were married but i guess that didnt matter. anyways, my mom was real sick in the hosiptal and had to get a blood transfusion after my birth. well in those days the blood wasnt as clean from disease as it is now. she got HIV from the transfusion and she just told me this summer. my moms the only one that i have left. yeah i have brothers but they are older. im a senior in high school and i have to live everyday thinking my moms going to die someday. its alot of stress on my shoulders. and you know being a teenager in all there is going to be some arguments and that stresses me out to. why argue when you might not be here tom.? well i dont know. this senior year has been real stressful especially now since im the only one that knows my moms secret. bye ya'll.



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