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Save someone's life

I would like to share my story in hope that it might save someone's life. I was at a nightclub in Oakland, CA. I met this guy who seemed very charming, handsome and all the things we look for in a man. What I didn't know is this man has HIV. I received a call from a female who told me that he is HIV positive. It was later confirmed that this female was telling the truth. Never in my life would I ever think that I would be faced with a situation like this. I have tried to press charges, but that didn't happen. Because currently CALIFORNIA HAS NO LAW in the penal code that states that it is a crime to give someone HIV/AIDS without there knowledge. I have been tested for the past 6 months and I have came up negative. I wonder how many women will not be so lucky. I wonder how many lives this man with take. I am not his first victim and I am not his last. I just found out about another victim today. So if you live in the bay area, be on the lookout for Mr. Charming.


Sent via Email - October 8,2003, San Jose, CA, USA

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