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HIV is real!

I am a 20 year old black heterosexual male and very scared of the fact that I may have contracted HIV after one recent sexual encounter. Last month I had unprotected sex with a woman that I really didnt know. I had a condom on at first and for some stupid reason I took it off. The fact that I could have contracted HIV really did not hit me until after that one night. A few days to a week after, I started feeling symptoms which I thought to be of acute hiv infection. It felt like I had a fever, I felt like I was going to throw up and I kept feeling the glands in my neck to check to see if they were swollen. Well eventually the glands on the right side of my neck swelled but I do not know if that was from me constantly picking and rubbing on them as I hard this could be a cause of swollen glands. Every other minute I am on the internet reading on the symptoms of HIV and keeping the possibility that I may in fact be infected from one encounter. Every night I cry and cry thinking of what may happen to me in the future. Thinking about my results have disrupted my normal way of life. It constantly gets in the way of class, work, friendships, and family. I just want to stay to myself all the time. I have 2 more months until I reach the 3 month window period. I get tested for HIV regularly, about every 6 months or so. But this test in December will be the one that will affect me the most. These next weeks will definitely change me as a person as I will care more for myself and not be so ignorant to reality. HIV is real!


Sent via Email - October 9, 2003, NE USA

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