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My grandfather was a great man by the name of Jerry. He was all I ever knew of a father , since mine was never really around. My grandmother had been widowed ever since my mother,Valerie was in her early teens, along with my aunt,Cindi.She was a manager at an Apartment complex and my grandpa,Jerry,was the lawn-service guy I guess you could say..Ever since the day my grandmother,Alice,had met him,they had been together..and knew instantly that they were great for eachother.I was around the age of 3 or 4 when they first met and from then on, he was here for my Grandmother and I, not only for us, but for the rest of our family. He never let any of us down, and he would have done anything in the world for any of us.There was one point in time to where I was living in Louisiana and I didn't like the life I was living there,so my Grandmother and Grandfather decided to take care of me, I then moved back to Florida and was living with them, and my Aunt Cindi.My grandfather then, while I was here, Got really sick, and I never understood why,I was about the age of 13 or so at the time.I never really understood why he was in the hospital.I see all these T.v. shows that talk about patients with Hiv, and I thought, This could never happen to me, or my family, but..sadly, it did. I was about 17 (I am now 18 years old) and it was early February of this year when I could hear my Grandmother telling my Grandpa, Jerry, You have to take your medicine. This was helping him fight HIV, and He just came to a point to where he got so sick from all the medicines, to where he wanted to just put it all in Gods hands and so, he did. Up into the days up to where he passed away, He looked so pale, and I could tell something was wrong .It was then, that my Grandmother took me into her room late one night, sat me down on her bed, and told me,Kelli, your grandfather tested Hiv-positive, my grandmother told me he was sick..and that she didn't know how much longer he would live because of the fact that he stopped taking his medications to help him. When she told me this,I felt so cold inside, and it was like a nightmare. I still remember the way he used to always tell me at night that if anything ever happened to him, that he wanted me to have a good life, and be able to take care of myself.There were times, when we would argue, and he would get onto me for my grades because sometimes they were down, but then I realized that he was only telling me this for my own good, and he only wanted what was best for me, and wanted me to have a good life. April of this year came, and he got sicker. My grandmother,told him, that he had to do something, so she took him into the Emerency Room, and he was in the hospital for a good 2 or 3 weeks, maybe a little longer. We went to see him on Easter and he was aware of everything, but still was really sick. Another time my mom took me to visit him in Orange park, and I made my peace with him. I told him I was sorry, for everytime I fussed and argued with him, and that I loved him, so very much, and I thanked him for always being here for me. He had a mini doberman that he named,Teapot. He loved this dog more than anything, and he would always be so happy to come home to my Grandmother,and Teapot everyday.The morning my Grandpa passed away, I saw Teapot running around outside, and he was an inside dog..he got walked during the day by my Grandpa. So I instantly called my Grandma and she told me that Jerry had passed away. My best friend Tiffany was here with me and I started crying, and I couldn't stop, she took one look at me, and she knew that it had happened, that my grandpa had passed away. She kept telling me, It's ok Kelli, He's in a better place, and I don't know what I would have done if I wouldn't have had her there for me that day, it was then, that I needed her the most. We walked over to my Grandmas house, and a lot of my family was there. My stomache felt as if it were sinking by the minute, because I knew, he was gone.I walked into the house once we arrived, and asked my Grandma, Why is Teapot outside? and she told me these exact words.."He's free now, Just like Jerry is".Teapot had never been outside,loose,and seen the real world,and had been able to run,free,with no worries,and now,this is what my Grandfather, Jerry,is doing in heaven. Running free, with no more pain,and suffering.Though I grieved, and I hurt, I realize now that she is right. He no longer has to hurt and deal with any more pain, which I am very thankful for. Until the day comes that I see you again,I'll keep in mind your right here with us watching down on us,I love you.
R.I.P Jerry W. Curtain 1952-2003,you are greatly missed.

Sent via Email - October 25, 2003, Keystone heights,Florida, USA.

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