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Until we meet again brother

Well here it goes, no holding back now...The day I learned my brother had HIV/aids was back in 1991. When he tested positive for the disease, he was living with a friend in Texas. My brother figured he had Aids but was in denial for the longest time. He kept his family in the dark about his illness. He was two-spirited and proud.

When he told his family members about his condition, we were all shocked and didn't know anything about this disease he had. We got him to move back to BC so he could find a family doctor in Vancouver. Once he found a doctor, he was taking all sorts of medications to help him deal with his illness. He came back to our community to visit family and friends on a regular basis. He learned more about HIV/aids and wanted to pass the information onto the community members. He told everyone that he was a two-spirited man and wanted to teach everyone who was willing to learn about this disease.
He was on so many committees concerning HIV/aids. He went to annual conferences, meetings with the Grand National Chief and others and told them they were not doing enough for people living with HIV/aids. He stood his ground and made them all aware of the problems that people affected with the disease were going through. That was my brothers way of getting through people. That is what I miss most about my brother.

My brother had friends from all over the country. He was so loved and is deeply missed today and always. He has touched so many lives with his stories, his heart, and his mind. He always looked after everyone else, before himself. That was the kind of guy he was and is remembered for today. He has taught all of us a lesson about HIV/aids, that it is preventable! Have safe sex with your partners. Use a condom. That is what his message was.

I miss my brother everyday that goes by, I look up at the sky and ask him for guidance. I know he now free and not living in pain anymore. He was such a brave warrior to live with such a disease for ten or so years of his life. A piece of me is with him on his journey to a better life. Until we meet again brother...RIP...1967~2003
Live life to the fullest. Smile and the whole world smiles back.


Sent via Email - November 2003. BC, Canada

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