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Mr. B

His name is Branden, as we called him Mr. B. He was born in 1982, of July a 5 month premee at 3lbs. And that was the beginning of when I knew I was very blessed. Mr. B, was not determined until the age of five to be hiv+. At that time everything was new so he and I travel to three states until we found a Pediatric Doctor. That knew what he was talking about. When Branden became 10 years of age. I and his Doctor, sat down with him and completely updated him on his illness. He listened to us very quitely, and when we were done. He just turned to me and said " Mom was that so hard, now what are we going to do about it" of course I just cried like a baby. It was at this time that I realized that children are very very intelligent. After that I determined that he would be included in all treatment and medication discussion. Guess what although I was affected, He was infected. He demanded to start speaking out to his peers and mine. And I dutifully sat on the side lines to guide and support.


Well Mr. B has since passed. I just hope that all parents that read this will get some understanding of what I am trying to pass along. No it is not easy however, trust me when I say that if you stand together, your family will not fall apart.
Ms. Theresa


Sent via Email Fort Worth Tx, USA.

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