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You have to love you

My story was the one title heart broken. I mentioned that on October 31, my boyfriend came home and told me he was HIV+. I also have since been diagnosed with HIV. I was diagnosed on Nov 12. I stayed out of work to clear my head for a 3 weeks since my diagnosis and still feel hurt inside. I am seeing a specialist that only deals with HIV/AIDS. The positive thing about my diagnosis is my health, for those of you that do not know, the sooner you get diagnosed the better chance you have a living a healthier life. My CD4 count is 818 and my viral load is 1073. It is very important for people with HIV to know what this means. Basically the CD4 count represents your cells a normal person should have 600 to 1200 cells, on the other hand a person with HIV should have at least 500, if lower your doctor may want to suggest meds to keep you at 500 or >. I am at 810. Viral load, this reprents how much virus is actually in your blood per micro liter. People who have been infected early or are in later stages may very. Viral loads are considered high but average around 9,000 can range to 2,000,000. I am at 1073. It has been very hard for me because my partner was trying to accuse me of giving him HIV, I have been tested every year before I met him, my last test being Jan 2001 which was -. To make a long story short, he got angry one night and beat me so bad I could bearly walk. This was Nov 21st. I ran out of the house for my life and had someone call the police and put him in jail. I have since placed a court order against him and just so many things have happened, it is very overwhelming at times. I will be monitored every year with blood work done every 4 months, My partner is on meds his CD4 count is 280 and his viral load is almost 9,000. After appearing in court I saw my specialist and said that considering she has my last HIV test and I was negative we have to assume that I was infected by him. I just want to say that every time I look at my 6 year old son my heart hurts so bad, I am in so much emotional pain. Please protect yourself, this has devasted me and my family. THERE IS NO CURE, BUT IF YOU SEE YOUR DOCTOR AND GET TESTED YOUR CHANCES FOR A LONGER LIFE ARE MUCH GREATER. If you don't want to take advice from anyone else please take it from me. YOU HAVE TO LOVE YOU, BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T WHO WILL.


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Sent via Email - Dec 5, 2003. Connecitcut, USA.

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