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Stay Positive

This is the first time in here and it is amazing how many people are infected with Hiv. I have been living HIV+ for five years. I never thought I would be the one to get it. I was in a serious relationship at the time and my daughter was two at the time. I got pregnant and went to my doctors for a check up and they called me at home a week later and told me to come in. Which I was scared because I had no idea what was going on. So I went in and she told me that I was HIV+ I just sat there like ready to fall apart but couldn't believe it. The doctor that told me was a very cold hearted lady because she did not comfort me in any way at all. I saw this hatred in her eyes like I never seen. I never went back to her. Thanks to social workers they directed me to the right doctors and support. I now take medication and live a very very healthy life. I have had no syptoms at all since I found out I have it and I am greatful for that. I never have been sick or have any problems what so ever and I feel sorry for the other people. But I pray for everybody and anybody who has it to stay positive and look forward in life and live life the fullest to your ability.

People don't realize that we all are humans and we don't bite. I have been through so much hatred from people it is amazing. It is hard to find a doctor that will examine you and be comfortable with what you have. My mother thinks that HIV and AIDS are the same thing and they are not and she just will not listen to me about it. You know I did want to strangle the guy that gave it to me but I cannot because it will not take away what I have and I accept what I have. Now I want to help people that have it or just found out that they have the hiv/aids but you have to have a college degree and I think that is full of crap because you may know alot about it but don't know how it feels and know what people go through. I am a very positive person and this never stopped me live my life.

I just move forward and raise my 7 year old daughter and have a wonderful man in my life that is negative. God bless you all and be safe. Stay positive.


Sent via Email - Nov 28, 2003. Ohio, USA.

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