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Someone cares

Dear Readers,
I am not hiv positive but i wanted to write this to try to motivate you and maybe put a smile on your face by knowing that someone cares. My name is peachesz i am from a little town in Georgia called sylvester Ga. I live around people who don't think that aids can be a major part of there lives old and young people. I wish there was a way for them to really understand what this virus are disease can really do to there lives.

For the positive readers don't never give up because God have a plan for you. I don't know how you contracted the virus or if it was a good are bad way make the best of it don't give up because losers are those who never try or who never want to be anything. I am 19 years old and i am a very compassionate person i like helping those who need me it makes me feel good that i can really make someone feel special. Last summer 2002 i worked with this hospice program and it was this patient that we had that really imspired me. This patient was 103 years old and contracted aids when she was 76 because of her son who had tested positive when he was in his early 30's who was on drugs and his mother was a diabetic and he was using her needles and that's how she contracted the virus. When i first heard the story i thought it was very said but when i met the lady she was the sweetest thing and you would have never known that she had the virus because she was almost getting around better than i was and she was very intelligent. I would have never thought i an million years that someone that old could contract a virus and be that healthy, but that just show you how God put us all through a test also to stand as a living testimony to show those around us that he is there and that he is in charge and try to make a difference. So for all of you that have tested positive my love go out for you with each beat of my heart i am thinking of you. and when you are at home at night not knowing when your last breath is going to be grab your Bible and read a scripture and look in the sky and say "thank God for this moment".I love you all. (black american girl).

Sent via Email - Dec 13, 2003. Georgia, USA.

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