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Please go get tested

I would like to be able to respond to the story i recenly read from Scared In Canada with no e-mail address listed because i can compemize with this person as to how he must be feeling scared as all hell.

I am a 37 year old single mother of four wonderful children and i myself am scared as they get also,i seperated from my husband in May of 1998 in June of 2000 i was tested and i tested negetive for any and all STD's,however i decided in October of 2003 i would go back to my husband just to find out that he had a severe mental disorder and so i had no choice but to leave him again this time i knew would be for good and i finaly filed for my divorce.

Note that when i went back to him back in October i slept with him on three ocasions to find out in May of 2003 he had full blown Aids with a T cell count of 108, i ran as fast as i could to my local Health Department to get a test that put me in the category of exactly six months of any and all possibilities of comeing in contact with the virus, however they told me i would have to wait 14 days for my results to come back and in a severe panic the next day i went to a private lab that gave me my results the next day and thank god i was negetive witch did give me a lot of releaf then when my results came back from the Health Department they also were negetive and i just know that it was my prayers and only my prayers that saved me.

Still i sometimes think of it and im told to stop worrying by a social worker that works with my ex husband through our local Aids services here in Alabama. So honny, i do know and do realize just what your going through it's a very scarry ordeal to have this burden. I have sense done a lot of research and i'm sorry to be the one to say it but people in society are filled with ignorance just as myself was noone deserves this we all make mistakes thats what our purpose in life is i do believe but from what i know about this i would be willing to bet that within a couple of years if not sooner it will be known as a illness and no longer called a desease because theres so many new medications out there and people are not dieing any more like when we first started to hear of it they are working day and night on this if you happen to read my story and i certainly hope you do.

Please go get tested they can test you as early as 21 days later and detect it but to really be safe you can test 3 months after and then again 6 months after. Just have faith and beleave in god and realize this baby, A penis doesnt suck so it's a good chance that you will be ok the statistics do show that it's harder for a man to contract it from a women than a women from a man because of that fact just please keep yor faith in god and remember if there is a posibility that you could have gotten it then it's better to know early than later because once it's in the last stage it's sometimes too late as it was for my husband and we dont all get te chance to live 10 or more years with this, it all depends on our bodies and how we choose to live our lives were not all in the great shape that we would all like to think we are, we never know in my ex husbands case he's only been positive at the longest three and half years so se if he had found out then and he was what we would call a very healthy man then he could have gotten treatment then and might not have been full blown when he did find out. I'll certainly be praying for you and i do know that i have the faith so i hope that you do also. I hope my story did'nt in any kind of way offend anyone and my prayers and hopes for a better tomorrow are with ech and every one of you.


Sent via Email Jan 13. 2004 from Alabama, USA.

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