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When l was pregnant

Hello it has taken me 8yrs to even come to terms in what i used to call my doom. Like many hiv positive women the way that i found out was when i was pregnant with my second child. The doctor was cold hearted and tryed to tell me that i needed to get rid of the baby and what kind of mother would i be if i kept the baby.

Not letting the inital shock of what he just told me set in he was so evil. Well i kept the child and he is negative. Well i made the biggest mistake and i shouldve told his dad when i found out but i told him i was negative but i thought that he should get tested anyways.

Well three months later his daddy came back and wanted to spend the night with his son and well partying to get over things just make things worse. One month after that night i found out that i was pregnant again with my third child. already dealing with stress this made things worse. I was going to abort her and the person that was going to take me and lend me the money jus so happen to move away and not come back. I thank god today that i have my beautiful daughter to love but she wasnt so lucky to get away from tha virus. I have tried to kill myself once but quickly learned that what does that solve no mother for the kids. im in a happy relationship now he is negative and loves me and my daughter. i thought that would never be happy and it came to me hold ur head up because ur life didnt end when u found out if u dont do nothing then thats when it ends.


Sent via Email Feb 19, 2004 from KY, USA
wtitten by Cheryl.

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