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No positive stories in Tanzania only sad Stories

HIV/AIDS is everywhere in the city I live. I see fellow suferers on the bus, in the markets,on the street, during burials and in the shops. If you tell someone that you are seeing the disease everywhere he/she will tell you that you are imagining it,after all you are not a Doctor. but be asured that it does not need a doctor to diagnose the disease in Tanzania for there are suferers who are in the advanced stage and many although may have lost just a littlle wight or none at all the skin manifestations are very clear. It does not require a doctor to diagnose the disase. A patient like me can do very much more than a doctor for I have or do suffer from the disease and have seen the skin manifestaions. The skin manifestations are here in tanzania more common in women especially thoseof fair color. You see it on the face especially on the cheeks. Small pink black swellings and on the arms and on the chest if the lady is wearing a blouse that exposes part of the chest. Oh! you see it everywhere. This morning I went into a shop to buy a pen. My goodness! the lady behing the counter. Her face has these large black spots. The pink black spots later turn into dark spots. Her armsh have these black spots. I wonder why she does not wear a long sleeved blouse like I do, I wear a long sleeved shirt always to cover the spots on my arms. Her face is thin and she has that AIDS look that "we" have. Later I went to buy bread. The same thing. The lady at the grocery. Her once pretty face all spots. She looks shy and talks rather sadly. Her arms again are uncovered and they have that pink rash. Here at the internet cafe where I am typing this E mail. The attendant is a pretty girl of about 24 years of age. I saw her cheeks the other day. She has those black spots.but these are not real typical of the diasease unless they are many but today I saw something else that has shocked meand that has prompted me to write this E mail. Today she sat me on a computer near to her desk. As she walks away to attend the customers I cannot help to see her shapely legs but my goodness she has that pink and black rash below the knees. She is only 24 years old but she must be infected already. She looks healthy and very charming. I cannot imagine thhat I am writing about her and she is right here with me she is infected and I am sure she does not know. I know because I suffer from the illness. The terrible thing is that there are very few testing places here and even when one suspects that one is infected one does not see the point of going to test although it has been explained to us on the media that it is good to know ones status so that when one knows that is infected can start looking after one self 'properly" or if not infected can protect oneseklf and stay negative. The incentive for testing for those who suspect would be if ARVs were available but as long as they are not available I may not have the incentive to go to test and this pretty girl here in the internet cafe may not see the reason to go to test if after testing nothing will be done to prolong her life. The computer I am using does not have a timer. She has just whispered to me "excuse me sir, your time is over."
I am sorry for this negative story again. I will write a positive one when I find one which is unlikely in our present circumstances.



Sent via Email 7 March, 2004.

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