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Safe sex message fatigue

Hey People
I am a positive guy in his early thirties who was infected by his current partner, who told me of his status on the first night we met so there were no surpises. My partner came from a het marriage with one child of 5 and wife was 4 months pregnant. All are negative (wife and kids). after a state of heavy disco drug use and final HIV fatigue - I became positive. I maintain the fact that I infected myself thorugh carelessness and love...No one is to blame -not even myself. I am interested in this idea that people are becoming fatigued to the message of safer sex -especially the 18-35 yr old age group. I beleive that this "fatigue' is perhaps more "fatalism' and recognise aspects of this line of thought in some of your very personal and frank stories, and beleive that people who 'slip-up' are so drawn to the idea that they have 'it' -due in part to the effective education that we here in Australia had at least, and a cycle of guilt and shame is created where people could have a three types of HIV status in one day. + then - and also unknown - The unknown being the most potent of them all. When I ceroconverted ( I don't know how to spell it but I know what it is) I went to the doctor straight away who within a 3 days of being tested informed me that I too had become infected. This maybe crazy for people to understand but I was so relieved to find out that I had it - and a tremendous weight had been lifted from my shoulders that I had been carrying around with me for some ten to fifteen years. As a response to the news, and to the luxury of of being employed in a steady and long term job in a WEstern Society, I took some time off to allow my body to heal, and then I made some decisions about what I was to do with the rest of my life. I took a series of meds that didn't make me sick. My TCell and Viral load went back to "Normal" ("great numbers " My doc said). After some time off I quit my job and started in a less 'stressful' position, but more importantly I redefined my life goals. I have two beautiful children in my life who I love dearly, A partner that loves me and vice versa. Life does not end unless you want it to. In fact, we have ahead start on thinking about Life and Death, stuff everyone has to think about sometime in their life. Everyone!


Sent via Email Mar 17, 2004.

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