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I never got tested

I am 29 year old indian male (India ancestory, but born in Guyana) and i live in Bronx, New York.

Well, here is my story:
Three years ago i met this spanish girl on the internet and me being lonely and all asked her out to dinner. She was 34, divorced (her husband used drugs and cheated on her also), mother of 2 daughters, Melissa 6 and Angela 12.

Well, on the first date we went to dinner, that was all. So we kept talking on the internet and asked her for a second date and she said 'yes'. Eventually she talked about going to a hotel and making love. Me, being so desperate and all, agreed. So we went to the hotel on a saturday night.

At the hotel, we kissed and their was some foreplay. Eventually I played with her privates with my fingers. This is what set her off. She enjoyed it so much and she replied, Please it in me, please." I told her I didnt have any condoms, she replied "I can't get pregnant,." She kept begging and begging. "I told her I am not ready. Lets wait." The reason i told her this is because i've never had unprotected sex in my life ever. I waited 26 years and the first time I had sex was with a lady i met outside my building and we had a relationship that lasted a year. During that relationship I used condoms when having intercourse all the time.

So she kept begging and begging, but I said, "No, I am not ready." I was thinking to myself I dont know where this lady has been and I dont have unprotected sex.

Finally, we went again to the hotel the following week to make love as usual. Making love was our thing now. She wanted to make love. Well we had safe sex the first couple of times around. I always brought condoms with me when we meet and use them.

Eventually, I started to really care about and love this lady and she told me she loves me. I believed her.

About 6 months into the relationship, we started talking about marriage and settling down in the future.

Well, as usual every weekend we went to the hotel and have sex. We had protected sex until one night, when she was on top of me and took my penis(I had no condoms on) and inserted it into her vagina. I immediately felt it. And it felt good to have sex without condoms. I truly enjoyed. I said what the hell, I love this women and I will marry her one day so I figured I will be with her for the rest of my life I might as well trust her.

Since then, we had unprotected sex for the remainder of our relationship.

As you can see, I trusted this lady and thought I was going to marry and settle down but it didnt work out.

One day I called her, and asked her if she had any diseases or hiv? She works in a hospital by the way as a cleaning lady. She said she got tested for hiv and came back negative.

Its been 2 years now, I never got tested for HIV and I never had sex since.

I am wondering what I should do? Should I get tested?

I am scared!

Sent via Email Jan 27, 2004 from Bronx, New York, USA.

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