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Stories of courage

Hello to all!
Recently my husband and I were wanting to have a baby. I had serious concerns about my husbands past relationships and felt it so necessary to get tested. I was so so scared. You really can feel fine and never know the results might end up positive. I had been tested since we were together and I was negative. The truth is no matter how scared or anxious you might feel its so so important to be true to yourself and face you fear. YOu will feel so much better afterwards. I was battling such severe anxiety about this for two months I was throwing up and basically put my life on hold. I made my husband go get tested and I also got tested again. I did a home access test and he got tested at the doctors office. We are both hiv-. I thank god for our blessings and are new chance at life. you can never be to careful. Thank you so much all of you for your stories of courage and those who are battling. You are strong and will make it through. We will all be taken care of. Believe in who you are and you are not an illness you are all the wonderful things that the people around you love about you. Dont ever forget that. I have a new found life and hope and truly want to help others see what is the best things for their health. Many blessings.


Sent via Email April 16, 2004 from the Winsconsin, USA.

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