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Paranoid about symptoms

Hi, this is the update on my current situation...I've been marking my calendar since the day that I was exposed to hiv by an hiv+ friend through unproctected sexual intercouse. The dreaded day was March 27, 2004....he did not inform me that he's HIV untill 4 days later. On April 5, 2004, ten days after our intercouse...i got tested for HIV. As predicted, my test came out negative due to insufficient time for the body to produce antibodies for HIV. Now, it's April 20th....almost the end of 4th week since the sexual encounter and I am getting paranoid about symptoms of HIV infection. I would constantly check myself for glandular lumps in the neck, armpits and groin. This past weekend I've developed a sore throat and the lymph node just below my ear got swollen. From what i have read regarding sore throat....it is either caused by viral or bacterial infection. I ruled out bacterial infection because, i've been taking antibiotics for an abscessed wisdom tooth a week ago. So, i came to the conclusion that it's must be from a viral infection. I'm praying to God that it is only caused by the flu virus and not the HIV. I'm really scared and terrified right now. I can't sleep at night worrying and making myself believe that I am now HIV+. I would like to get tested again, but I'm too terrified to know the result. As I've mentioned before in my last posting, I have 2 nephews that I adore so dearly, and if I ever get HIV+....i know my brother-in-law will not let me be near any of them. For anyone who is HIV+, i would like to ask what kinds of symptoms you have experienced after getting infected with HIV? For how many weeks did these symptoms last? Next Monday, April 26th, I will go and have myself tested again...that will be a whole month since my exposure........i'm still praying that the result will show negative, but the more i think about it.....the less i believe that it will be. I need to hear from someone who is going through the same experience right now since I am not able to talk to anyone of my friends or family about this....thank you.


Sent via Email April 20, 2004 from the Dallas, Texas, USA.

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