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Battling this HIV virus

This is an update of my battle with HIV.
I had unprotected sex March 27, 2004.
- 2 weeks later I showed symptoms of a viral infection: sore throat, swollen nodes, fatigue.
- 4 weeks later symptoms disappear except lymph nodes still swollen.
- 6 weeks later took another HIV test...tested positve and currently seroconverting.
- 7 weeks went to see a doctor who specializes in HIV

This coming monday March 24, 2004 is the day I will learn about my CD4 count and Viral load. Although I just summarized what i've gone through for the last 2 months, I left out the stress that I've gone through since finding out I was HIV positive. I haven't been sleeping well, I don't have an appetite to eat, I cry almost day and night, I pretend to be happy when I'm at work or in the presence of my family. And worst of all, the thought of suicide even crossed my mind. Like most of the people who tested positive for HIV, I too felt alone; that I don't have anyone to confide to about my disease. I stressed myself out thinking of what COULD happen: like being chastise by my friends and family, that I might loose my job, that I will not longer be able to spend time with me beloved nephews,....that I would wither and die in some hospital bed alone. The only two people who's been helping me cope with this disease is my councelor Scott who works at the AIDS Resource center here in Dallas...and the HIV specialist doctor that he referred me to. Both of them re-assured me that HIV is no longer a death sentence. They said that the medical society now considers HIV/AIDS as a chronic disease which can be managed through medications.
I have been reading a lot about HIV lately. From what I've learned so far, the goal of managing HIV is to increase CD4 count by boosting immunity and lowering the viral load count through treatment and medication. My body is still seroconverting, which means the virus is rapidly replicating in my body. So, I figured, if I take steps now to control the virus while it is still early, I will have more chances of living longer. One thing I learned since finding out I'm HIV+ is that I WANT TO LIVE....not only for myself, but for my family and friends too. So, I'm changing my lifestyle for the better. I have been researching on foods that are said to have antiviral and immune boosting capabilities and incorporating that into my everyday diet. For example, I have been eating bitter melon almost everyday since there was a report that a protein in bitter melon (called Map30) inhibits the growth of HIV. Also, I have been swallowing 3 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil everyday since I have read that coconut oil had lauric acid that the body transform into monolauric acid, which destroys the lipid covering of the HIV virus. I know it may sound stupid or crazy by some of you who are reading this, but this regimen makes me feel good inside and it gives me a peace of mind when I sleep at night because I know I am taking steps to battling this HIV virus. I could stay and wallow on self pity and cry myself to death or I can begin now and find solutions to my problem. I will try my best to stay away from taking any antiretroviral medication, but if my doctor suggests its the best thing to do, then I will do it.....I'm just hoping that the side effects are not as bad as I've read it to be.

Thanks for listening,


Sent via Email May 24, 2004 from Dallas, tx, USA

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