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My brothers nightmare

My brothers nightmare began at a young age. He was just 7 or 8 when his life took a different twist. My mother is a low inocme, ill educated person. So during her pregnancy she never took any blood test . She claimed she had nothing to worry about because my step dad loved her and would never cheat on her. Well that was a big lie. It all happened just 3 years ago my mother got extremely ill . She was basically a skeleton. Doctors ran many test an couldnt find an answer finally they decided the only last alternative a HIV test. As it turns out my mother tested positive, she has full blown AIDS. My youngest brother is Hiv positive also his dad has full blown AIDS. It was said that my brothers illness could have been prevented . He was infected when he was a baby through the breast milk. I still hate my mother for not caring enought to check herself. My lil brother is very deppresed as he gets older he realizes that there are things he will never get to do. He wanted to one day give his kids a better upbringing . He is great kid who has turned into a young 14 yeard old. I love him and if it could of been me instead of him i would of rather been that way.
I urge that all women do a test. I wouldn't want there kids to have a terminal illness that could have been prevented before birth.


Sent via Email June 15, 2004 from California, USA.

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