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Mom and sister

Hello everyone I am from the Caribbean.
I am not positive or sick for that matter, but I have been into contact emotionally with persons who are infected with the Virus that casues Aids.
My mom died of Aids in 2001 July, this year July 18 would be 3 years since she has passed away.
I helped clean my mom, changed her pampers and everything else when she was ill. At that time our country did not have the Retro-viral drugs as yet, so my mom died from her illnesses.
Now my big sister has been diagnosed almost one year now with the virus. She is on the drug becasue we have it here now, but she has complications also, so its not working as it should. She is dying slowing,each day I see another one of my family dying from this dreaded disease.
I am scared, I know that she will leave us soon, and I live a safe lie so far, especially ater seeing my family with that disease.
I know what it is to see your family dying. and I am in sympaty with everyone who has a relative living with the disease. But it has made me a stronger woman now, and I hope that I can be strong when my sister passes on.

Sent via Email July 15, 2004 from Guyana.

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