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AIDS is like a bullet

I found out I had Herpes type 2 in 1998. I was in denial about it for about five years. I let a guy I was dating move in with me, and because we were living togeather I thought it was safe to have un protected sex. NOT! First he gave me Genital Warts. Then he gave me Gonereaha, it was Gonereah or Clymidia. It was too log ago for me too remember. In any event I found out he gave me Herpes about two weeks before he left me. When I told him what he had done he played atupid and left me. All men do use use women, get them all dirty and move n to the next woman. Only to do the same thing again. I just want to say, that I'm a very attractive African American woman. If anyone were to look at me they'd think I had no std's. No matter how good a person looks, or what their mouths tell you. Protect yourself. I'm blessed it was Herpes and not AIDS. However I just took an AIDS test and I get my results back next Thursday. I don't wanna think God would allow AIDS to be apart of my life. I'm often told that God won't put more on you than you can bear. I think he knows I wouldn't be able to hamdle AIDS being in my body. After 7 years I'm just now starting to accept that Herpes is a part of me. I call Herpes an Illness. Because only someone who is sick in the head would intentionally have unprotected sex with someone without telling them upfront their situation. Damn him!. No Damn me, for not protecting myslef.But he was wrong for doing that to me. I heard he had another kid too, by some mexican girl. I wonder if the girl knows he has Herpes. It shouldnt be a concern to me. I hate I was ever involved with him. This has tried to ruin my life. IMy faith in God has got me this far. PLEASE PEOPLE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PROTECT YOUR BODYS. AIDS is like a bullet. It don't have no name on it. And please if you have stds or AIDS. Tell your partner before hand. They have the right to know. You owe it to them to be truthful. If you have to write it down, write it down. But please don't ruin anyones life by keeping secrets. You are who you are. If a person can't accept you fot who you are than they don't desrve you, and it's as simple as that. God bless you all. Peace Out!


Sent via Email July 22, 2004 from San Leandro, CA, USA


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