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Mothers Hope

I am the Mother of a wonderful son who is 27 years young. 3 months ago he was admitted to the hospital because of awful stomach pain. His spleen was so infected. He at that time was tested for HIV and was positive for AIDS. He had his spleen removed the doctors did not think he would ever leave the hospital. He stayed that time for 3 weeks and has been back in the hospital 4 times sense then. He also has MAC, and PC. His liver has large puss pockets. The doctors gave him a 50% chance to live the next 6 months how can they do that only God knows when we will meet him. He never went threw the knowing he had HIV he went right to AIDS. We have no idea how long he has been infected. He is not taking any meds for AIDS I dont think he will. He does take antibotics (sometimes) they are very strong and hurts his stomach. He does not live in the same state as we do but when I talked with him today he said he is ready to come home. My son is addicted to drugs he is fighting this on top of AIDS. He is winning the addiction hurtle praise the Lord. His C4 count is basicly non exitant. We live in the middle of no where we have corn and cows. I have searched the internet for a doctor in our area that deals with his infection so far no luck. But I will find one. My hope is that there will be a cure in time for my son and I will see him grow and he will be at my funeral instead of me being at his. I want to kiss it and make it go away like I could when he was a little boy. I dont want to loose my son but I dont know how to fix it. There has to be something that I can do to make him better I just dont know what that is. Or where to go to find out what that is. I hate AIDS and what it does to the person infected and the ones that love them.

He has lived with his partner for almost 3 years now but after finding out my son has AIDS he has decided he no longer is interested in being with my son. He was also tested and is negative thank the Lord for that one. But it still breaks my heart that he can walk out on him now of all times now. So when my son comes home he will be heart broken and upset. I will try to make it all better but I know I can't. I will never stop trying I will never stop fighting for my son.

I pray so hard I dont blame God I know he has a plan for us all and we all have a time to be born and a time to be with him but it cant be time for my son to go to heaven I dont want to loose him he is my hope my life my love.


Sent via Email July 26, 2004 from Indiana, USA


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